How Refrigeration Has Changed Food Preparation

Most people cannot fathom what it would be like to live without having a refrigerator in their home. Some are old enough to remember the days when the ice box in the home needed to be restocked with new ice on a daily basis. Nowadays, if a person’s refrigerator broke down, they would be clamoring for their phone looking for the same day refridgerator repair Miami specialist to come and get their refrigerator up and running again.

Forget for a moment the way that refrigeration has changed the way humans prepare and store food. Just think about how refrigeration has changed the way that food is distributed around the world. When most people look inside their refrigerator, they see a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. And while most people don’t keep their fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator all the time, without refrigeration the fruits and vegetables that they are accustomed to eating might not have made it to their home. Some of the fruits that people take for granted have traveled hundreds and in some cases thousands, of miles. Without refrigeration, these fruits would not have survived.

Or think about individuals who live far away from a lake or the ocean. For these individuals, having fish to eat would be a luxury. Today, fish is frozen and then defrosted once it makes it to the grocery store. This is why so many people have access to delicious fish.

Other things that would change would include some dairy products. Milk can be transported over long distances without refrigeration. However, butter does not hold up so well under warm temperatures. And completely forget about enjoying that delicious bowl of rocky road ice cream.

Before refrigeration became commonplace, some would bury their vegetables in cellars. This allowed them to preserve their food. Thankfully, by the late 1930’s, refrigerators were becoming popular in the United States. Today, the majority of fresh food distribution is reliant on having a cold chain system to keep the food fresh. With the way that society is currently set up, if that cold chain broke down, society, as it is currently known, would fall apart.

Meal preparation would drastically change. Desserts, meats, and other delectables that are now taken for granted would virtually disappear. Refrigeration has completely changed the way society looks at food and the way they prepare food. It has opened the way to culinary wonders that were not possible for many just a few years ago.

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5 Repair Situations Requiring Chimney Masonry Expertise

The proper and safe function of a fireplace requires a well-designed and maintained chimney. Some of what needs to be inspected and worked on are at roof level, which means you should hire a professional chimney service to get the job done right. Below are five chimney problems that will require an experienced chimney masonry expert to fix.
Chipping or Missing Mortar

Mortar that is coming loose or missing is a big deal. It means that parts of your chimney will begin to come apart in the near future. Mortar is what glues the entire structure together. Your chimney can collapse without the support of the mortar. Pointing is an option if the damage is minor, but it may not match the existing mortar. The best solution for aesthetics and function is to rebuild the chimney.
Loose Bricks

The top of the chimney is subject to the weather in a more direct way than any other portion. It is not uncommon to find loose bricks in the upper part. These can be put back in place, but the chimney should be rebuilt if there are numerous loose bricks. Leaving this area without repair will jeopardize your chimney by allowing unwanted moisture to enter the inner lining.
Cracked or Damaged Crown

The crown of your chimney is the uppermost concrete portion that protects the interior from water intrusion. It is important that this stay intact and in good shape. Crumbling crowns need completely replaced. Cracked crowns can be repaired using a strong, heat-resistant adhesive.
Leaning Chimney

Chimneys that begin to lean are in trouble. This is one problem that you will need a professional to inspect and fix. There is usually a foundation problem. The chimney may have to be rebuilt after a solid foundation is set.
Unsafe Roof Distance

There are regulations for the height of a chimney in relation to the roof of the structure. This to keep the risk low of a fire igniting from the use of the fireplace. If the height is not enough to operate the chimney safely, the top portion will have to be raised.

Contact specialists like 301 Chimney for chimney inspection Virginia and get the masonry repairs you need to have done right away!

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Pool Designs Using Concrete

If you plan to live in your home for some time and want a form of recreation for the family, then consider installing a pool. There are numerous designs to choose from depending on how much space you have to work with and how deep you want the pool. When you begin thinking about the design and installation, consult with a concrete pools Missouri company to learn about the process of building and some of the options that you have with the materials that are used.

Concrete is a material that many homeowners are using to create an area around the pool. It allows for a sturdy and permanent space for entertaining and sitting beside the pool instead of building a deck. The material has been boring in the past, but with new ideas, it’s become the first thing that many people use when they start working on projects outside the home. Stamped concrete is an option if you’re looking for a stunning appearance around the pool. The benefit of stamped concrete is that you can create multiple types of designs and in a few different colors or textures. Areas of the concrete can be patterned or imprinted with images so that you add a bit of personality to the pool area instead of just a simple slab of concrete.

Stained or stenciled concrete with a few lights around the pool can add color to the outside area. This is a cost-effective design if you don’t have a budget for building a large deck or if you want to add a vibrant look to the pool. Add a statue or a fountain as well as a thin strip of a darker color of concrete along the edge of the pool for a sophisticated appearance.

Using concrete allows you to divide the pool if you want different areas, such as a small area to relax and a larger part of the pool to swim or play. You can also use concrete to make a splash area for kids. When you design a pool using concrete, you can tint the material so that it looks like natural stones, creating a flat surface to enter the pool instead of traditional steps.

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Three Features of a Good Roof Maintenance Plan

A good roof will last for at least 10 years, but some of the roofs installed today can last for 50 years or even longer. With the right maintenance plan, you can make your roof last even longer. The odds are good that you lived in a home with a leaky roof before. These leaks form because the materials on the roof break down and allow water from snow and rain to get inside. This often relates to broken shingles or missing shingles on the roof. South Shore roofing companies provide locals with maintenance plans that include three key features.

Roof Inspection

No matter who creates your maintenance plan, it will include a roof inspection. Experts recommend that you have your roof inspected at least once every six months, but you may opt for more frequent inspections every three months. Instead of just looking at what is visible from the ground, roofers will get on top of your house and look for minor problems that can lead to major problems. They can then recommend the best ways to treat those issues before your problems worsen.

Gutter Cleaning

An important feature of any maintenance plan is the cleaning of the gutters. Any debris lodge in your gutters can lead to water backing up and even spilling over the sides. Debris can include the nests that birds and other wild animals build, dead leaves that fell off nearby trees and actual trash that blew in from other yards. Backed up gutters are a common cause of the ice dams that form in winter. Those dams can add so much weight that the ice actually rips the gutters off your home. Roofers will do a full inspection of your gutters before winter starts.

Roof Cleaning

When signing up for a maintenance plan, ask if regular cleaning is a feature of the plan. Roofs are susceptible to mold and mildew that grows when the temperature is high and there is a high humidity level. Your roof can also have algae growing across the surface. Roofers will look for ivy too because this plant can grow underneath the shingles and pull those shingles off the roof. Regular cleaning removes algae, mold, mildew and ivy on or near the roof. With the right roofing company, you can sign up for a maintenance plan that extends the life of your roof.

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