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Have you considered getting his and her bathroom sink?

Wrangles about toothpaste and where the laundry basket goes are some of the conversations couples living together need to have, along with equal rights to the sink. If you’re messy and your partner is neat, sharing a sink can cause … Continue reading Continue reading

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Tips for selecting the perfect shelves

A trip to Pinterest will show you that shelves are no longer about wood nailed vertically on horizontal planks so we can have somewhere to store our items. They now serve the dual purpose of functionality and aesthetics. The nature … Continue reading

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Using Spray Foam On A Roof

There are many practical uses for spray foam, so many in fact that commercial buildings today almost require its application. In this post, we talk about using spray foam for your roofing needs. There are many advantages to this, such … Continue reading

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Professional Vs. Amateur Pressure Washing Services

Canadian homes are built to withstand harsh climates but these still leave a mark. When performed properly, pressure washing can strip away years of stains and discolouration but that is easier said than done. Before you run out to rent … Continue reading

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