Best ways to Prepare for the Unexpected Third Child

“When the stork comes knockin’ when it’s not expected, it can be extremely stressful for the whole family, particularly you parents. There are so many things to consider and plan for – the added cost of another child, the scheduling, dealing with your other kids while having a new born. Then there’s the physical space. Now there’s going to be another person living in your house and that person, and the existing people, are just going to get bigger and bigger. So don’t stress. There are ways to prepare for an unexpected child. Here are some things to think about.

You have to set aside some money for the new little one. So what can you do since not online is your income not going to increase but it’s probably going to decrease with the time you’ll have to invest parenting your new child? The trick to making more out of your money is to change some habits and life styles to NEED less. A lot of people think about getting more money but the true, and only really attainable, way to step up your life is to focus on cutting the things you don’t need. Soda, snacks, don’t cut entirely, but cut back. If you find yourself saying something like you need that soda, or those cigarettes, or that 12-pack of beer, you are the perfect candidate to think about changing your life around. You’ll be amazed at the increase of money flow you can achieve simply by omitting.

The increasing space thing in your home is also difficult, but it may be more attainable than you think. Don’t try to figure out where to put an addition; instead, try to find a room in your home that could be divided into two rooms. Maybe there’s an underutilized space, or one of the bedrooms is big enough to divide into two. When you find a space that you can work with, you can find some DIY videos online and you can get some drywall tools for cheap at The DIY Outlet and you can build your own durable wall to make an extra room in your home. It’s going to feel great to know that there’s room in your house for your new one, and you don’t have to consider moving or putting your others kids up for adoption.

The most important thing to do to prepare for a new child is all mental: just take deep breaths, relax, and plan one piece at a time. You can’t tackle all the complicated issues by yourself immediately, so realize that the stress and anxiety you are feeling are literally all in your head. Don’t let yourself feel that way, and you won’t. it won’t make the problems and issues go away, but there’s no reason you have to suffer through feeling that way when that won’t fix anything, and, in fact, may even make everything worse. Be Zen about it – others have been there before and will be there again.

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