Central air conditioning vs. room air conditioning

Heat and humidity can make the summer months unbearable for most people.  Without air conditioning Suwanee summers can be downright miserable.  That’s why more and more homeowners choose to retreat from the heat by installing air conditioning systems in their homes.  When making the choice to air condition your home, you have two basic options in terms of how the cool air will be delivered:  central air conditioning or individual air conditioners in each room/area of the house.

Central air conditioning systems cool the entire house all at once, by way of circulating cooled air throughout the duct system in your home.  Air is continuously circulated throughout your home so as to keep the temperature of the air in your home consistently at a temperature you determine, much like your furnace works to heat your home.

Room air conditioners are small units that are either free-standing (venting outside through a window) or mounted directly into the window area.  These units are much less expensive initially than central air (the cost of buying the unit vs. the cost of installation for central air) but they aren’t as effective at cooling larger areas of your home.  The amount of square footage cooled by a window unit will be significantly less than the amount of space central air can effectively cool.  Note that even central air systems have their cooling limits, however, and if your house is large you may find that the upper floors never get as cool as the lower ones.

With central air conditioning, you can better manipulate the cool air in your home, however.  Because the system operates through ductwork, you can close the vents in rooms that you do not need as much cooling (such as the basement) and leave them open in rooms that you would like to be cooler (such as the bedroom).   Also, because the system is controlled by a thermostat, you can set a certain temperature for the entire house and the system will remove the hot air from your house, cool it, and then pump it back in at the desired temperature.

Other advantages of central air conditioning over window units include:

Included air filters work to improve air quality in the house

They are easy to operate

They do not take up additional space in your rooms

They do not block your window views like window units do

They are more efficient than window units, which means they will use less energy and save you money over time

They are much quieter than most window units, which makes it a better choice for homes with babies or light sleepers

Remember that one of the biggest advantages to having a central air conditioning unit installed in your home is that they come with warrantees.  That means that if anything breaks down or needs to be serviced, you are not on the hook financially for it.  For that reason, it’s important that you have your unit installed by a qualified installer for a reputable company.

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