Daily Encouragement

Home should be a place where you find rest, renewal, encouragement and inspiration. When you select furnishings for your home, comfort and functionality are generally the priorities you use as a guideline. Quite often the colors you select for your home are those that generate a sense of comfort or those that lift your spirit and renew the energy that is depleted by the activities of the day. The decorative accessories you include in your home are generally where you find encouragement and inspiration.

Bible verse wall decals placed in strategic places in your home can provide inspiration, encouragement and comfort. There are verses and decal designs that can easily be incorporated into any room of your home. Decals that feature a baby’s name along with a verse of scripture or religious sentiment would be a wonderful aspect of a nursery design. Young children typically like their room to be colorful and fun. A verse of scripture with colorful hand prints or a leaping frog would be a fun addition to a kid’s room. Verses that are simple and easy to remember are a wonderful way to get children inspired to learn verses of scripture that can help them through difficult days. Young children and teens love to see their name on the wall as part of the decor. Their name, accompanied by a scripture that is relevant to their life, is a unique and purposeful form of room decor.

Incorporating Bible verses into your home decor is a sure way to surround yourself with encouraging and inspiring words. Placing a Bible verse on the bedroom wall will help get your day started off in a positive way. A relevant Bible verse in the kitchen can remind you to always be thankful for the physical nourishment God provides. You can welcome guest into your home in a inspiring manner by making a scripture verse a part of your entry way design. The family room is often the most frequently used room in the house. This is one of the best areas of your home to use a Bible verse as wall art. Choosing a verse that emphasizes the importance of family and the value of friendship, or one that relates to love, forgiveness and acceptance, is a good way to promote family harmony.

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