Decorating Your New Baby’s Nursery

As you may or may not have already discovered, your new baby’s nursery will quickly become the most important room in the house. Not only will your little bundle of joy grow up in this room, but you as the parent will be spending a lot of quality time there, as well. So how do you even begin to decide how to decorate such a crucial space?

Firstly, this may be advice coming a bit too late, but try to do most of the grand-scale decorating before your baby arrives. Otherwise, you’ll have to find another less-ideal place for the baby to sleep while you do such things as re-paint. You’ll want to keep the room clear for a good few days after the paint dries to make sure the fumes are long gone before Baby sets foot in the door.

Next, what colors should you use? Keep in mind that infants can only see in shades of black and white. The first color that their developing eyes can pick up on is red, but try to avoid red in the nursery–when it’s the only color they can see, it causes a bit of confusion and disorientation. Try softer colors like blues and pinks and greens, as they all develop at close to the same time.

How about decorations? Many parents select a theme for their nursery, like a certain animal or place or event (the circus, as an example) or even a letter (with the help of some alphabet photography), you can have a wonderfully put-together nursery even without a theme. Give your little one some engaging visuals, decorations that will first capture their attention and then as they grow will give them something to think about.. For example, hang a couple of family photos to help your child learn the faces of the family members he or she might not see quite as often. For a more educational (and inexpensive) idea, frame a few pages from old children’s books. This is a neat decoration, but also will help your child when he or she starts to learn to read.

Now it’s time to think practically. Once your little one is old enough to crawl, everything in the room is fair game for some sort of stain or mess, so go for items that are easy to wash. Rugs, especially, should be machine-washable to account for all of the spills it’s bound to soak up. Also consider ┬ástorage space. However much you think you need, try to double it. You’ll thank yourself, later.

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