Designing a Staircase for Any Budget

The expansion of internet functionality has offered many cost saving options when it comes to home improvement projects like designing a staircase. For instance, where once you might have had to hire a contractor to create a staircase model for you, today you can use a virtual modeling tool online such as

to draw your own construction model. You can also use internet tools to create a staircase for any budget because you have all sorts of options in terms of the complexity of the staircase design.

Setting Your Staircase Budget

In your design, you will have to budget for the three basic parts that any staircase must have. These are the steps, the connective platforms between each step and the foundational material that connects the steps and the platforms. These three elements are called the treads, the risers and the stringers, respectively. Beyond this, here are some options for saving money on your new staircase.

  • Materials costs: Each of the three core pieces is typically made of wood. You have lots of options in the wood you choose if you need to save money. Other ways to save money include saving on materials costs through reducing the depth (distance from front to back of each step) and height (distance between one step and the next) of your stairs. You may also find recycled materials you can use, or composite materials that can stand in for solid wood.
  • Omit decorative accents: Another way to save money, safety concerns permitting, is by omitting decorative accents like a double balustrade (the handrail and baluster that you rest your hand on to support yourself). You could use a single balustrade or an open staircase to save money.
  • Choose a basic design: The more plain and functional your design is, the more likely you are to find prefabricated materials that you can buy in bulk. For instance, in general, straight staircases will be less costly than curved staircases.
  • Spend your money where it counts: Perhaps most importantly, you want to spend your money on functionality over accents every time. Plan to spend most of your available funds on building a sturdy, solid, durable foundation of treads, risers and stringers. You can always return later and add accents as your budget permits.

With these helpful tips you will discover that your dream staircase is within reach even if you are on a limited budget.

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