How Do You Schedule Service For Your Vehicle

I have always been somewhat of a car junky. I have several buddies that are car junkies too. There have been many times when we have all agreed on a few makes and models, but there have been even more times that we did not agree at all. It is kind of fun to argue amongst ourselves about which car or truck is the best. There is one thing that we don’t argue about, and that is service.

When it comes to having your vehicle serviced, you must take it to the right mechanic. This is something that all of us agree on every single time. We all agree that the best thing to do is Schedule service at Dewey Dodge. You can’t go wrong with their service department. It is truly the best service department in the area. All it takes to get service is a simple phone call, or a visit to their website. This is one thing that my friends and I always argue about. What is the best way to schedule service? Should you call or setup an appointment through their website. I can see the advantages to each method.

With the way modern technology is going, I prefer to use their website to schedule service. For me, it is a lot easier. There is a huge convenience factor for me. I can look up the website anytime I want, and I can even use my mobile phone to do it. I don’t have to speak with anyone, and it can be any hour of the day too. Some of my buddies just don’t like doing things this way. They prefer the old method of picking up the phone and talking to another person on the other line to get everything setup. There is one thing that we all agree on. You should stop by Dewey DCJ in Des Moines.

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