How to Store Food for Weeks in the Cupboard

Keeping food fresh in the cupboard can sometimes be tricky. You want your food to stay fresh as possible, and doing so may require extra precautions. Proper food storage helps maintain food quality and reduces your chances of contracting food poisoning. Using door knobs that lock is also a good way to limit activity in and out of the cupboard. This can really benefit your food if you have young children. In addition, make sure you have classified your foods accordingly: There are perishable foods, semi-perishable foods, and non-perishable foods. Therefore, the process you take for storing stir fry meals would be different from storing flour or cookies. Cooked meats are considered perishable items and usually need to be refrigerated. If you have non-perishable foods, make sure they are sealed tightly.

Even if you are monitoring the door and cupboard knobs, you still need to make sure the food in the cupboard is edible. Do not leave expired food in the cupboard: It can contribute to other foods rotting and becoming hazardous. You would not want to waste any stir chicken fry by adding sour milk to the recipe, so do not mix good food with expired food. Make sure your cupboard is always locked and your refrigerator tightly closed.

Storing food for weeks can be easy if you are familiar with the foods you are storing. Be aware of expiration dates and make sure the food is sealed properly and stored at correct temperatures.

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