Interior Design Inspiration – Natural Reindeer Hide Rugs

Nature is a most magnificent design consultant when it comes to creating a look and feel that is organic, serene and stunning in its natural beauty. Natural reindeer hide rugs offer the ultimate in unique rustic warmth and luxury to most any style of home decor.

Growing in popularity and demand, a reindeer hide rug makes an inviting accent to most floor types from hardwoods to earthy tiles and slate. The thick hair offers a softly organic insulation against the coolness of the stone of these floors. Several rugs placed in a grouping will create an inviting, soft and comfortable lounge area that is heavenly on bare toes.

Reindeer hide is soft, and has uniquely individual markings of sable colored areas and striping on various degrees of grey to cream colored background. More rarely a reindeer may be mostly if not completely white. No two hides are alike making your reindeer hide rug as individual as you are.

While using reindeer skin tanned for use as reindeer rugs is a common decorating idea, many have discovered the beauty of draping the hides across railings, over the backs of chairs or couches or as remarkable wall coverings. When mounting a hide as a wall covering, a hide may be hung without a frame or support, by stretching the shape of the hide out to its full size and tacking each area to the wall. Many have placed their hide in the center of a branch hoop and laced it into place suspended in the center creating a striking wall accent.

As an organic fiber, reindeer hides can be beautifully fashioned into striking pillows or bolsters and even apparel.

Most providers will not recommend the use of a vacuum in cleaning your reindeer hide rug or other items. Generally speaking, a simple shake or two on a regular basis will be sufficient to keep your reindeer hide rug clean. The natural composition of reindeer hair helps it to shed dirt, dust or grime easily. Taking care not to place your hide in a highly trafficked area, near operating fireplaces or other heat sources will also allow for extended life. Your reindeer hide can be purchased processed with a silicon treatment which provides a waterproof protection.

As reindeer come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, so do their hides. Therefore, finding the hide of your choice should be rather easy. A quick internet search should return a wide variety of animal hide retailers. Affordable, accessible and versatile, a reindeer hide rug is the beautiful way to capture the elegance of nature’s design in a way that best reflects the nature lover in you. Lush and luxurious, unique and breathtaking, begin with one reindeer hide and let it lead you down a creative decorating road with barefoot softness.

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