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If you live in Phoenix, Arizona then you’ll know how hot the weather in there and that’s why most of the houses there have the air conditioning and not only the houses but also the offices and apartments. Air conditioning has become something that’s a must-to-have for the Phoenix citizens. But the problem is that there is nothing that can last forever especially the air conditioner. If your air conditioners are having a problem then you can search the air conditioner repair Phoenix in your area. Now let’s see the problems that can happen to your air conditioner.

The Common Air Conditioner Problems

When you can’t turn on your air conditioner or it didn’t cool the room then there must be something wrong with your air conditioner. Before you call the air conditioner repair Phoenix you can try to search the problems from the air conditioner first. There are several common problems that can make your air conditioner broken such as:

  1. The air conditioner doesn’t come on

This can happened if the thermostat inside the air conditioner is defective or maybe it isn’t receiving any electrical power. You can check the thermostat first and make sure that you set it in cooling position then wait for a couple of minute then adjust the temperature below your house temperature. But if you have set it to cooling position and the temperature already below your house temperature then problem probably in the electrical power of the air conditioner. Look at the main fuse of your house and see if there are some circuit or fuse that has tripped. If you find it then you better replace the fuse or just reset the circuit in the main panel. I suggest you call the technician if the problem is on the electrical power to avoid unnecessary accident.

  1. The air conditioner blow warm air

There is only one cause that can make your air conditioner blows the warm air is that the filter from your air conditioner is dirty. You can took out the filter and clean it then your air conditioner can perform properly again. But if the filter is not dirty and the air conditioner still blow warm air then you’ll need to check the outdoor unit to ensure that nothing disturb the air flow. The warm air can be the sign from insufficient energy. If this is the problem then you need to call the air conditioner repair Phoenix.

  1. The condensation line from the air conditioner clogged

The cause of this problem is probably because there are insects that building its nest inside the air conditioner drain line. This problem can be fixing by pouring the special solutions made from the combination of water and bleach with the ratio of 50-50 to the drainpipe but this procedure will need the help from the air conditioner repair Phoenix.

  1. Your air conditioner is frozen

This problem can be caused by several causes such as the improper airflow, the malfunctioning of the blower fan, and the control relay fault. If the improper airflow is the problem then you’ll need to check the filters and clean them or even replace the filters. Check the coils too because it must be free from debris, dirt or other obstructions. If the blower fan is malfunction it can be caused by the cold air that remains inside the air conditioner. You can clean the filters by yourself or clean the debris by yourself but you’ll need the assistance from the air conditioner repair Phoenix to replace any electrical components from the air conditioner.

The Morehart Air Conditioning and Heating Company

There are so many air conditioner repair companies in Phoenix and one of the air conditioner repairs Phoenix is the Morehart air conditioning and heating company. This company has provide their service to fix the air conditioner problem for the Phoenix citizens for over than 10 years and this makes the Morehart as one of the top and also most trusted HVAC contractors in Phoenix area. They can service anymodels and brands from the air conditioner. The technicians that work at Morehart have passed a rigorous background checks and must have a professionally trained experiences. The development of the technology will require the new knowledge and that’s why Morehart gives their technician a continuing education. So you can be sure that if you use the Morehart services then your air conditioner will be serviced by professional and well trained technicians. At least the price that you pay worth the quality of the work gives by the Morehart technicians.

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