8 Unique Uses for an Air Mattress

People prefer air beds to regular beds because they are lightweight, comfortable, cheaper, and can be taken anywhere. However, you might not be aware that there are many unique ways to use your air mattress aside from being a sleeping pad.

If you are searching for new ways to utilise your air beds, here are some unique uses for them.

air beds

1. Use an air bed to sleep outdoors

Whether you are going camping or are just in the mood to relax and watch the breathtaking night sky, your air mattress is a handy thing to have around. You can bring it to your garden or into the wild. Lying on a soft and comfortable airbed surrounded by nature is a beautiful opportunity to spend quality time with your family and friends.

2. Use it as furniture

If you are considering buying a new sofa and you have an old air mattress you no longer use, now is the time to bring it out. You can customise it as a comfortable couch or a sofa, or even a hammock in your garden. If you have an upcoming outdoor party, you can also let your guests use it for relaxation and sleep.


3. Use it in your child’s playroom

Kids love jumping around sofas and beds. If you have an old air mattress, you can place it in their playroom. It is much cheaper and safer for the kids, as inflatables are soft and bouncy. Likewise, you do not have to worry about them staining your couch, which is very hard to clean.  The airbed’s surface is easy to keep spotless.

Your kids will also enjoy playing and sitting on it more, compared to the regular furniture that has sharp and hard edges that could lead to injuries.

4. Use it in your pool or bring it to the beach

If you are going out for a summer getaway in the beach or in the pool, you can count on an air mattress as well. You can use it as an inflatable in the pool or beach, because it is perfect for the kids to play with and also for your relaxation.

Air mattresses are safer as they are typically extensive, and you have low chances of falling into the water while resting or sleeping. Most air mattresses actually float on the water.

If you prefer lounging on a comfortable and softer spot in the beach, you can bring your inflatable bed with you.

5. Bring it as an extra bed

Another way to use your air bed is to bring it whenever you think it is necessary, particularly if you are going out to camp or an adventure. If you are going on a long drive and would like to get some rest along the way, you can strap your air mattress on your car.  You can have two or more air beds for the whole family.

6. Use it for fun

Air mattresses can serve as a safe slide,particularly during winter.  You can ride on an air mattress to slide down a hill of snow and it will protect your back.

Alternatively, if you and your friends would like to hang out by the lake in the summer, you can use your air mattress to relax while floating on the water. In fact, there is a Guinness world record for the largest human air mattress dominoes. Check out this link to see.

7. Use it as a cover

Are you tired of the birds messing the clothes you hang outside? Do you always rush when the rain starts to fall, and the clothes are still outside hanging? Here is another unique way to resolve these problems.

You can use your inflatable bed to cover the clothes you hang, just by placing it on the top of your clothes while they hang. You can also use it as a roof while picnicking in the backyard to protect your loved ones from the heat and to prevent them from getting wet.

8. Use it in your home theatre

If you love movie nights with your family and friends, you can use your air mattress in the theatre room. You can use them as a stair-like sofa. This is perfect if you have two to three air beds.

Acquire along lasting air mattress

air mattress

If you are planning on getting a new air mattress, it is important to have one that is of high-quality and durable, so you do not have to worry about repairs over time.

Luckily, OutbaxCamping has what you need. OutbaxCamping provides high-quality and durable air beds that you can use for many years. We also offer camping accessories and inflatable spas that are perfect for your whole family. For your peace of mind and convenience, OutbaxCamping provides free shipping, special 60-day returns, and 24-hour dispatch guarantee for your rush orders. Don’t miss this opportunity and visit OutbaxCamping today.

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4 Secrets to Getting the Best Maid Service for Your Home

Home maintenance and cleaning is now a lot easier. You don’t have to do everything yourself now that there are more cleaning and maintenance services on the market. The increase in the number of services available is due to the rapid growth in demand. After all, the best services can help you save a lot of time while keeping your house clean.


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To make it even better, you can now find and hire the best maid for your home online or by using an app. Before you do, there are some secrets and top tips you need to know first.

Hire Locally

The first thing you want to do when trying to get the best maid service for your home is to look into local providers. Ask any expat that uses house cleaning services and they will always tell you to hire locally. If you live in Bangkok as part of your job assignment, for instance, you can easily find amaid delivery service in your area with the help of online tools.

The same can be said for finding maid services in other places. You want the service provider to be as close to your home as possible, so you can save on transportation costs and other fees for the maid.

Check the Checklist

House cleaning services usually follow a set of procedures to deliver high-quality services. Here’s the next secret you need to know: you can review the checklist and make adjustments if necessary. For example, you can restrict the maid from entering certain areas such as the main bedroom, or have the maid use certain cleaning solutions or techniques to clean your kitchen countertop.

Make these adjustments when you first hire the maid so that you don’t have to worry about mistakes being made. You can even go a step further and provide your own checklist for the maid to follow; this certainly makes working with new maids easier.

Do a Trial Run

Most maid delivery services allow you to select a maid that you like the most, but this isn’t something you need to do immediately. In the beginning, you can ask the service provider to send different maids so that you can choose between them.

When choosing, make sure you pick one that you are comfortable with the most. Other factors are worth looking into too, including how clean your house is at the end of the session and the time needed to clean the property.

Review the Costs

One last thing to do before deciding to hire a service provider is to check the quotes you get in great detail. Ask the service provider you are engaging to provide a detailed cost structure – preferably in writing – and do a review of the costs. The best service providers have simple cost structures that consist of a fixed hourly rate. Ask any questions you may have about the services too; this will help you decide whether you should hire the maid delivery service or not.

Now that you know the secrets to getting the best maid service for your house, hiring a maid and keeping your house clean is even easier to do. Use other house cleaning tips available here on The Little Guest House to make sure that your maid is doing things to a high standard.

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Choose Complete Chimneys For Your Chimney Repair

With the upcoming fall and winter weather, you will want to make sure that your chimney is in the best condition possible. When you choose to hire Complete Chimneys, you can be assured that just one visit from the licensed crew at this company will provide you with the exceptional chimney services you need.

Services At Complete Chimneys

Complete Chimneys offers a variety of different services. Despite what your need is, you can be certain that Complete Chimneys offers the service you need to get a chimney that is in the best shape possible. A few of the different services offered by this company include chimney construction, chimney repair, chimney maintenance, chimney liners, chimney leaks, and chimney rebuilding.

Chimney Leaks

Chimney leaks can be a very costly expense. This is why it is so important to understand what causes chimney leaks and how to prevent leaks from occurring. Over time, a chimney crown will experience wear and tear that will cause it to crumble and crack when it is exposed to hostile weather. The chimney repair professionals at Complete Chimneys will clean and apply new cement to your cracked chimney crown to prevent water from entering it in the future.

Get A New Chimney Cover

Getting a new chimney cover is inexpensive and is easy to install. These covers will ultimately prevent rain and animals such as birds and squirrels from entering into your chimney flue. Chimney covers range in size so it is important for you to hire a professional when you are not sure of what size you need.

Choose Complete Chimneys If You Have A Leaking Chimney

If you have a leaking chimney, you should hire a professional that has extensive knowledge and experience about repairing a chimney. By taking measures to have your chimney repaired, you can be assured that future damage to your chimney will be greatly reduced. If you have a leaking chimney maryland, choose to hire the professionals at Complete Chimneys to provide you with high quality and efficient solutions.

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What happens if there’s a raccoon or other animal in my home?

In Florida, there are all sorts of wildlife. Sometimes, raccoons, skunks, armadillos, and other animals make their way inside the home. When it comes to wildlife removal Fort Meyers FL many homeowners have no idea how to proceed.

Don’t Go Near It

When you have an animal in your house, it’s better not to go near it. You don’t know what kind of diseases it may carry. In your attempt to remove it from your house, it could see your movements as a hostile attack. As a result, the animal could easily claw or bite you. There’s no reason to end up in the emergency room simply because there was some wildlife inside your home.

Call for Wildlife Removal

The best thing for you to do is call for wildlife removal. A professional can determine what kind of animal it is and remove it properly. This way, you get rid of the animal without having to do any of the work on your own. Plus, depending on the type of wildlife, it will be released back into the wild or put down because it is a danger to others.

Find Out About Proofing Your Home

Once the wildlife has been removed from your home, find out about ways for you to prevent them from entering in the future. There may be a gap within your door, a hole in your roof or some other damage to your home that is allowing the wildlife inside. Once you can proof your home, you can drastically reduce the likelihood of animals getting inside in the future.

It’s not uncommon for wildlife to enter homes. Often, they are simply trying to get out of the sun or the rain. However, when you find that there is an animal in your home, it’s important to act appropriately so that it is removed in the safest way possible.

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