What Is A Hot Water Tank?

A hot water tank is one of most prevalent water heater systems in most of the households today. These systems would heat & store the water in the tank making it available for the users any time. The hot water tanks are connected to the cold water supply in your home and use some source of heat that would raise up the temperature of the cold water flowing into it from the tank bottom. As the cold flow inside the tank gets heated and rises up, it would be drawn off by the hot water discharging pipe and distributed as per demand for bathtubs, showers, sinks & other different water using equipments.

The source of heating here could be oil or gas or electricity. The gas and electric hot water tanks are the most in use today. The gas based hot water cylinder and tanks consume a greater installation charge but lower operational expenses in comparison to the electric ones. Besides, the gas hot water tanks can operate uninterruptedly in power cuts. However, the electric options involve lower installation costs and are mostly preferred by the homeowners given that these are safer to use. Solar hot water tanks are available as well where he cold water is heated with sunlight. These are environment friendly and cheaper to run as sunlight is renewable energy and comes for free.

The hot water tanks are available in different sizes. You will get smaller units with a water holding capacity lesser than 150 l. These are mainly engineered for the smaller apartments or homes which won’t require a huge amount of warm water on a daily basis. The small tanks come with customizable temperature valve & flow regulator so that you can easily adjust your system according to your respective needs. Added to it, the compact design of the small hot water tanks makes them an easy fit into your room corners.

You will also find hot water tanks with greater capacity. There are a good number of hot water cylinders in the market which could hold up till 250 to 300 l of water. The larger units are actually manufactured for larger homes & commercial purposes as these can cater to six to ten individuals at once. Moreover, houses with multiple hot water needs like bathing, shower, cleaning, washing etc. and with multiple bathrooms would need to go for larger hot water tanks.

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