Why You Need Professional Pest Control to Eliminate Bed Bugs

The increase in bed bug infestations throughout the country is at unprecedented levels. Part of the problem is their ability to stow away and move from one location to another easily. Another is the lack of adequate pest control products on the open market. The only sure way to get rid of bed bugs is to hire Manhattan pest control experts.

Standard Market Pest Sprays Do Not Work

The typical pest sprays found at the market are not going to phase the bed bugs, nor destroy the eggs they lay in hidden areas. They love to hide away in mattresses and pillows, preferring to wait until you are asleep to come out.

Eliminate Irritating, Painful Bites

The bites of bed bugs have not proven to pass any dreadful diseases, but they leave raised welts that itch, sting and look terrible. One small bed bug can leave a trail of small bites on one area of the body. It is common to find them lurking in furniture to make feeding off your blood easier.

Bed Bugs Are Good at Hiding

A full grown bed bug is about half the width of a dime, oval, and light brown in color. Prior to feeding they are very thin and can hide in the smallest crooks and crannies of your furniture, behind mirrors, behind pictures on the wall, and many other sneaky spots. It makes them difficult to root out and kill.

Get Rid of an Embarrassing Problem

Inviting guests to stay at your home can bring embarrassment if they are attacked in the night by bed bugs. It can also spread the problem if your bugs hitch a ride to their home in the luggage.

If the thought of having these nuisance bugs crawling on you at night gives you goosebumps, it might be time to call in a professional pest control service. A quality service will rid them from your home and make sure they are gone for good.

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