Pool Designs Using Concrete

If you plan to live in your home for some time and want a form of recreation for the family, then consider installing a pool. There are numerous designs to choose from depending on how much space you have to work with and how deep you want the pool. When you begin thinking about the design and installation, consult with a concrete pools Missouri company to learn about the process of building and some of the options that you have with the materials that are used.

Concrete is a material that many homeowners are using to create an area around the pool. It allows for a sturdy and permanent space for entertaining and sitting beside the pool instead of building a deck. The material has been boring in the past, but with new ideas, it’s become the first thing that many people use when they start working on projects outside the home. Stamped concrete is an option if you’re looking for a stunning appearance around the pool. The benefit of stamped concrete is that you can create multiple types of designs and in a few different colors or textures. Areas of the concrete can be patterned or imprinted with images so that you add a bit of personality to the pool area instead of just a simple slab of concrete.

Stained or stenciled concrete with a few lights around the pool can add color to the outside area. This is a cost-effective design if you don’t have a budget for building a large deck or if you want to add a vibrant look to the pool. Add a statue or a fountain as well as a thin strip of a darker color of concrete along the edge of the pool for a sophisticated appearance.

Using concrete allows you to divide the pool if you want different areas, such as a small area to relax and a larger part of the pool to swim or play. You can also use concrete to make a splash area for kids. When you design a pool using concrete, you can tint the material so that it looks like natural stones, creating a flat surface to enter the pool instead of traditional steps.