Benefits Of Choosing Wide Plank Wood For Your New Flooring

Just the same with fashion designs, some things which are old become new again. This goes for some types of flooring in the industry as well. Wood plank flooring is making a big comeback. Before choosing wood plank hand scraped flooring, take some of the following advantages into consideration. Once your mind is made up, consider a reputable flooring company like the one found at to hire.

Timeless Beauty

One of the best benefits of choosing wood plank flooring for your home is that it offers a timeless, beautiful look. This type of wood flooring has a richness to it that gives it an undeniable aesthetic appeal. The wide planks allow people the ability to appreciate the grain of the wood.


When you choose the option of wide wood planks, the installation time will be less than if you choose smaller planks. Most of the planks are at least three inches wide. Floor stripping will generally take twice as long to put in than wide planks. The quicker your new floor is installed, the sooner you will be able to enjoy it.


For anyone needing to stick with a budget for their new flooring installation, wood planks are a great choice. They come available in low-cost engineered wood and premium hardwood. There is an affordable wide plank option to meet anyone’s financial needs.


The best thing about wide plank flooring is you are not limited in choices. They come in a variety of colors, finish and composition. You will be able to find a wood flooring look to match your home’s decor with ease. There are plenty of available options to suit anyone’s tastes.

When looking to complete a home renovation, the floors are usually a top priority. A nice floor can completely change the look and feel of any room. When choosing the type of wood flooring to get put in your home, it is important to take into consideration all factors including type, color, size and price. While sticking to your budget is important, it is equally important to get something you will enjoy seeing in your home for years to come.

Structures Can Add Functional Beauty to Your Landscape

Outdoor structures can add function and beauty to your landscape. You don’t have to have a large yard to enjoy the benefits a garden structure can provide. The key is to choose a structure that balances well with the size of your lawn or garden.

Outdoor Sheds

Outdoor sheds are available in a variety of styles and sizes. You can even have them custom made to complement the architectural style of your home. A shed can provide beneficial storage space. You can add a shed to your landscape and decorate it to function as a relaxing retreat, a playhouse for the kids, a workshop or a potting shed. You can extend your outdoor living space by adding a patio in front of or beside your outdoor shed. Sheds can provide a backdrop for flowerbeds.


Vinyl gazebos are available in different sizes and prices. Vinyl gazebos are a durable and attractive way to increase your outdoor entertainment space. You can showcase baskets of ferns or flowers by hanging them on the gazebo or add color to your landscape by planting flowers around the gazebo. Adding a gazebo to your landscape gives you an additional space to decorate for the holidays. Adding a screen to the gazebo can make it a pleasant place to relax and star gaze.

Animal Houses

Today’s dog house designs are so spectacular they deserve to be a feature in the landscape. Modern dog house designs include special details such as windows and a front porch. Some designs include a rooftop garden where you can grow herbs or succulents. In recent years, more people have started keeping chickens as a hobby. You can find some very impressive and unique hobby chicken houses to add to your landscape or garden design.

On a smaller scale, structures such as a trellis or teepee can be included in your landscape design. These can add height and dimension to your landscape. You can use outdoor lighting to illuminate a structure and make it a focal point of your landscape.

Cleaning Your View To The World

Since the windows in your home are your view to the outside world, why not keep them clean as a professional service would clean them? Instead of using only one scrubber at a time to clean the glass use two different types. One can be used for the inside of the window while the other can be used for the outside. This will prevent you from taking the dirt and grime that accumulates on the exterior back inside your home and messing up the interior of your home.

Make a simple cleaning solution using vinegar, lemon juice, and water. You can also use dish detergent when cleaning your windows. It’s gentle on the glass and won’t leave scratches behind while removing all of the spots that are on your windows. A window cleaning Hinsdale IL company can come to your home to use solutions as well if you don’t have the proper products.

After making a solution to spray on the windows, you can put it in a spray bottle so that it’s easier to apply to the surface. Avoid using paper towels when cleaning the windows because they can leave scratches behind. Wad up a few newspapers to clean glass surfaces. A microfiber cloth is good to use as well because it can pick up the lint that is on the glass that you might not be able to see. If you need to remove window screens, then use a paint can opener. The same end that is used to open lids will gently pop out the screen of your windows, making it easier to wash the dirt and grime from them before putting them back. If you see any paint or other debris that is stuck on the glass that cleaners won’t remove, try a razor blade to lift the material from the glass.