3D Bedding Sets Are the Next Big Thing in Comforters and Sheet Sets

I was looking for something beyond the basic colors and patterns you find in bedding sets. The sheets and comforters we have were sort of bland with their patterns and color schemes. I was wondering if there was something new out there to dress up beds. My mom referred to comforters and sheet sets as “bed clothes.” She would be amazed to see the 3D bedding sets that are available today. They look like fashion clothing made to dress up your beds. New fabric printing design technology has allowed the production of three dimensional imagery on bedding. It is incredible to see.

The first 3D comforter I saw was a big red cherry on a creamy pink background. The cherry looked like it was still wet from the morning dew. It kind of just floats there on top of the comforter. It really does look like you can go over and put your hand out and expect to touch a three dimensional object. It is pretty cool to look at. There are a bunch of different designs that are available. I really like the big bold floral designs. There are different genres of scenery available too. I have seen ones with roses that look so real you expect to catch their fragrance when you see them.

I also like the Christmas designs. They look good on every bed in the house not just the children’s beds. There are designs in pinks and golds, black and yellows and all kinds of reds, blues and other colors. If you like purple, there are 3D bedding sets available to satisfy your color preferences. I like all of the colors, but I do have a fondness for the ones with black backgrounds and colorful florals on top. And by florals I mean flower images that look super realistic. This is something you need to see to fully appreciate. This is not your mom’s old style bedspreads by no means.

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