5 Myths about Carpet Cleaning in London Busted  

People in London who have never used professional cleaning services are put off the idea of paying for carpet cleaning because they have heard all sorts of myths that have nothing to do with the truth. There are so many myths about carpet cleaning that you cannot be sure which one of them is true. You are probably worried that it will cost you a lot of money or that your carpet will be ruined? Cleaning your carpet can improve the quality of the air in your home and enhance the beauty of your rooms. You should clean your carpets regularly to avoid health problems. Here you can learn more about the most common carpet cleaning myths. These tips will also help you make the right decision when choosing your London carpet cleaners.

Myth 1: Regular vacuuming can replace professional cleaning

When you vacuum your carpets you remove the crumbs, pet hair, dust, dirt and other debris that are visible to the naked eye. Your vacuum cleaner cannot remove the microscopic particles that are embedded in the carpet fibres. If you get your carpets professionally cleaned these particles will be removed and your carpet will be deeply cleaned. If you hire a professional carpet cleaning service in London, you will get immaculate carpets that won’t harm your health and the health of your pets. Professional cleaners will remove the dirt and dust that is set deeply into your carpet fibres ensuring you live in a safe domestic environment.

Myth 2: Professional cleaning can ruin your carpet

This will not happen if you hire experienced carpet cleaners. The professionals have the expertise necessary to handle any type of dirt and stains as they have cleaned thousands of carpets in London. They will test the solutions they use on a small area of your carpet to ensure it won’t damage it or cause discolouration. They know the best methods to clean carpets and rugs efficiently and can give you advice on how to keep your carpet clean. If you want to save money, you should hire cheap carpet cleaners who have a reputation for customer service.

Myth 3: All carpet cleaning processes are the same

There is wide variety of carpet cleaning methods. You can use the DIY method and try to remove the stains on your own. You can use of eco-friendly cleaning method and clean your carpet using products you already have at home such as white vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice. If you hire an eco-conscious cleaning company they will use the power of steam to sanitise your flooring. Another method that professional cleaners use is called dry carpet cleaning. It involves the use of chemical solvents that remove the dirt instantly i.e. you will not have to wait for your carpet to get dry.

Myth 4: Once you clean your carpet professionally, it will get dirtier faster

Your carpet will get dirtier faster if you don’t keep it clean. Take off your shoes before entering your London home and remove the dirt and stains as soon as you spill something on your floor. Professional companies avoid using products that leave dirt attracting residue. Some carpet cleaners apply Scotchgard protector to ensure that your carpet is well-protected from dust and dirt.

Myth 5: Carpet cleaning is expensive

In fact, there are cleaning companies that offer high prices for professional cleaning but not all cleaning companies are the same. You can find a company that offers reliable services at low cost. You can even get a great deal if you do a research in London. Local companies will charge you a lower price as they won’t have to travel to a distant area. Ask them about any discounts that they can offer you or package deals. This will significantly reduce cleaning services cost and you will even save money. Compare the prices offered by local companies and choose the agency that will meet your budget.

If you want to get the best results you should hire the pros. You can try to clean your carpet yourself but the end result will not be the same. You can end up with a damaged carpet or stains that are difficult to remove because you have made them larger. By hiring a reliable company you are guaranteed outstanding results and a healthy home environment.

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