5 Repair Situations Requiring Chimney Masonry Expertise

The proper and safe function of a fireplace requires a well-designed and maintained chimney. Some of what needs to be inspected and worked on are at roof level, which means you should hire a professional chimney service to get the job done right. Below are five chimney problems that will require an experienced chimney masonry expert to fix.
Chipping or Missing Mortar

Mortar that is coming loose or missing is a big deal. It means that parts of your chimney will begin to come apart in the near future. Mortar is what glues the entire structure together. Your chimney can collapse without the support of the mortar. Pointing is an option if the damage is minor, but it may not match the existing mortar. The best solution for aesthetics and function is to rebuild the chimney.
Loose Bricks

The top of the chimney is subject to the weather in a more direct way than any other portion. It is not uncommon to find loose bricks in the upper part. These can be put back in place, but the chimney should be rebuilt if there are numerous loose bricks. Leaving this area without repair will jeopardize your chimney by allowing unwanted moisture to enter the inner lining.
Cracked or Damaged Crown

The crown of your chimney is the uppermost concrete portion that protects the interior from water intrusion. It is important that this stay intact and in good shape. Crumbling crowns need completely replaced. Cracked crowns can be repaired using a strong, heat-resistant adhesive.
Leaning Chimney

Chimneys that begin to lean are in trouble. This is one problem that you will need a professional to inspect and fix. There is usually a foundation problem. The chimney may have to be rebuilt after a solid foundation is set.
Unsafe Roof Distance

There are regulations for the height of a chimney in relation to the roof of the structure. This to keep the risk low of a fire igniting from the use of the fireplace. If the height is not enough to operate the chimney safely, the top portion will have to be raised.

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