8 Unique Uses for an Air Mattress

People prefer air beds to regular beds because they are lightweight, comfortable, cheaper, and can be taken anywhere. However, you might not be aware that there are many unique ways to use your air mattress aside from being a sleeping pad.

If you are searching for new ways to utilise your air beds, here are some unique uses for them.

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1. Use an air bed to sleep outdoors

Whether you are going camping or are just in the mood to relax and watch the breathtaking night sky, your air mattress is a handy thing to have around. You can bring it to your garden or into the wild. Lying on a soft and comfortable airbed surrounded by nature is a beautiful opportunity to spend quality time with your family and friends.

2. Use it as furniture

If you are considering buying a new sofa and you have an old air mattress you no longer use, now is the time to bring it out. You can customise it as a comfortable couch or a sofa, or even a hammock in your garden. If you have an upcoming outdoor party, you can also let your guests use it for relaxation and sleep.


3. Use it in your child’s playroom

Kids love jumping around sofas and beds. If you have an old air mattress, you can place it in their playroom. It is much cheaper and safer for the kids, as inflatables are soft and bouncy. Likewise, you do not have to worry about them staining your couch, which is very hard to clean.  The airbed’s surface is easy to keep spotless.

Your kids will also enjoy playing and sitting on it more, compared to the regular furniture that has sharp and hard edges that could lead to injuries.

4. Use it in your pool or bring it to the beach

If you are going out for a summer getaway in the beach or in the pool, you can count on an air mattress as well. You can use it as an inflatable in the pool or beach, because it is perfect for the kids to play with and also for your relaxation.

Air mattresses are safer as they are typically extensive, and you have low chances of falling into the water while resting or sleeping. Most air mattresses actually float on the water.

If you prefer lounging on a comfortable and softer spot in the beach, you can bring your inflatable bed with you.

5. Bring it as an extra bed

Another way to use your air bed is to bring it whenever you think it is necessary, particularly if you are going out to camp or an adventure. If you are going on a long drive and would like to get some rest along the way, you can strap your air mattress on your car.  You can have two or more air beds for the whole family.

6. Use it for fun

Air mattresses can serve as a safe slide,particularly during winter.  You can ride on an air mattress to slide down a hill of snow and it will protect your back.

Alternatively, if you and your friends would like to hang out by the lake in the summer, you can use your air mattress to relax while floating on the water. In fact, there is a Guinness world record for the largest human air mattress dominoes. Check out this link to see.

7. Use it as a cover

Are you tired of the birds messing the clothes you hang outside? Do you always rush when the rain starts to fall, and the clothes are still outside hanging? Here is another unique way to resolve these problems.

You can use your inflatable bed to cover the clothes you hang, just by placing it on the top of your clothes while they hang. You can also use it as a roof while picnicking in the backyard to protect your loved ones from the heat and to prevent them from getting wet.

8. Use it in your home theatre

If you love movie nights with your family and friends, you can use your air mattress in the theatre room. You can use them as a stair-like sofa. This is perfect if you have two to three air beds.

Acquire along lasting air mattress

air mattress

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