Four Useful Tips for Getting the Most from Your Fiber-optic Internet Service’s Optical Network Terminal

Fiber-optic Internet service providers such as the ones found at use optical network terminals to download data to your computer. Here are four useful tips that can help you get the most out of these terminals while you surf the Internet:

Keep Dirt Away
Keeping dirt away from your optical network terminal is worthwhile because most optical network terminals have very small parts that fail to work properly when they are dirty. An easy way to keep dirt away from these parts is to wipe a small paintbrush or feather duster across the terminal’s surfaces while you are cleaning your home.

Keep It Cool
Optical network terminals have parts that are also prone to failure when they are exposed to temperatures that exceed 100 degrees centigrade. One way to prevent this problem is to keep your optical network terminal in a cool and dry place that allows airs to circulate freely around it.

Unplug It Occasionally
Unplugging your optical network terminal occasionally for 30 seconds can help you prevent many problems that can make fiber-optic-based Internet service difficult. Some of these problems include:

Lagging while watching videos or playing games.
Page freezes while downloading picture or files.
Browser errors that can make visiting websites or uploading files difficult.

Create a Safe Password
Creating a secure password is important because it prevents unwanted users from using your terminal. As a result, be sure to follow these suggestions to create a safe password for your terminal that is easy to use:

Use a combination of capital and lowercase letters.
Use numbers near the beginning or middle of your password.
Try to use dashes or spaces to add length to the password.

As you may have noticed, getting the most out of your optical network terminal is easy if you remember to create a suitable environment and password that optimizes the terminal’s performance. Be sure to use the tips mentioned above to create a suitable environment and password for your optical network terminal that is easy to use.

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