How Refrigeration Has Changed Food Preparation

Most people cannot fathom what it would be like to live without having a refrigerator in their home. Some are old enough to remember the days when the ice box in the home needed to be restocked with new ice on a daily basis. Nowadays, if a person’s refrigerator broke down, they would be clamoring for their phone looking for the same day refridgerator repair Miami specialist to come and get their refrigerator up and running again.

Forget for a moment the way that refrigeration has changed the way humans prepare and store food. Just think about how refrigeration has changed the way that food is distributed around the world. When most people look inside their refrigerator, they see a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. And while most people don’t keep their fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator all the time, without refrigeration the fruits and vegetables that they are accustomed to eating might not have made it to their home. Some of the fruits that people take for granted have traveled hundreds and in some cases thousands, of miles. Without refrigeration, these fruits would not have survived.

Or think about individuals who live far away from a lake or the ocean. For these individuals, having fish to eat would be a luxury. Today, fish is frozen and then defrosted once it makes it to the grocery store. This is why so many people have access to delicious fish.

Other things that would change would include some dairy products. Milk can be transported over long distances without refrigeration. However, butter does not hold up so well under warm temperatures. And completely forget about enjoying that delicious bowl of rocky road ice cream.

Before refrigeration became commonplace, some would bury their vegetables in cellars. This allowed them to preserve their food. Thankfully, by the late 1930’s, refrigerators were becoming popular in the United States. Today, the majority of fresh food distribution is reliant on having a cold chain system to keep the food fresh. With the way that society is currently set up, if that cold chain broke down, society, as it is currently known, would fall apart.

Meal preparation would drastically change. Desserts, meats, and other delectables that are now taken for granted would virtually disappear. Refrigeration has completely changed the way society looks at food and the way they prepare food. It has opened the way to culinary wonders that were not possible for many just a few years ago.

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