I Found a Bargain at an Estate Sale

I really like this new thing that I found the other day. I was at an estate sale and they had one of these adjustable beds. I was interested in getting a new bed, since the mattress that I have in my bed is old and lumpy. Of course a new mattress is a big expense and when I looked at this bed I realized that it had not been used much at all. That was pretty obvious from looking at it and the person running the sale told me that it had been bought, but that it had only been lightly used since the woman had been in and out of the hospital and then she had then been sent to a nursing home. I did not get the whole story, but I could look at the bed and see that it was almost new and had not really been used. Of course I figured that someone else would get it, because they wanted more than I was willing to pay.

I came back later and it was still there. I still paid more than I wanted to pay, but of course that is not what the bed is worth if you have to buy it new. They would have wanted more than twice what I paid. I set it up and I left my old bed out on the curb for the trash people to take away. I really loved the fact that you can set this bed to all sorts of positions. If I want to read or watch TV then that is really easy and of course I have problems in allergy season that makes it necessary for me to elevate my head. If not then I get sinus draining and some times you wake up thinking you are drowning.

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