Ideas for Basement Spaces You Will Actually Use

You have perused Pinterest, Houzz, and other sites dedicated to home renovations and restorations, and you have decided that you finally want to finish your basement. Although many of the ideas look amazing and sound great on paper, will your family actually use a full bar or a game room enough to justify the expense? Here are some of Guy Solomon’s ideas for basement spaces you and your family will actually use.

#1 – Home Theater and Video Game Room

In today’s day and age, people love technology. They want the biggest and best televisions, the newest video game consoles, and the fastest internet speed, allowing them to enjoy all of their purchases like never before. If you want to create a space that the whole family will enjoy, consider a home theater/game room. Install a large TV (or go big with a projector), include your family’s favorite video game console, and hook up a surround sound system. Finish it all off with dimmable lights, plush seating, and a small area for drinks and snacks, and your family will all but move in.

#2 – Fully Functional Storage Space

If you have a larger family and you find that you never have enough space to store clothes, toys, books, and other items, your basement is a great solution. Instead of simply tossing things downstairs in boxes, why not finish your basement, and turn it into a walk-in closet of sorts. You can easily add a few dividing walls and some doorways, allowing each person to have his or her own “unit”. Add some rods for hanging, some drawers for stowing, and some shoe racks, and you can declutter your upstairs while organizing your downstairs.

#3 – The Book Lover’s Library

Turning your basement into a family library is not as difficult as it might seem. There is the problem of humidity and its effect on books, but Guy Solomon and his team can help you tackle that issue with dehumidifiers and waterproofing techniques. Then, add ample lighting, some plush chairs, a sofa, and maybe even a hammock or two hanging from the ceiling, and you have a quiet retreat where you can escape from the world with a good book. For those who prefer electronic books on tablets, be sure to consider installing Ethernet internet access since Wi-Fi access in basements is often spotty.

#4 – A Retreat for Guests

If you entertain often, or if you have family who regularly stays with you when they visit, you can save them the expense of a hotel room and spend more time together when you convert your basement into an apartment-like suite for your guests. You can create a luxurious bedroom with attached bathroom, a spacious living and dining area, and even a kitchen if your budget allows for the proper equipment and ventilation. Your guests will thank you – and your home’s property value will skyrocket.

If you want to do something with your unused basement space, be sure to consider your family’s lifestyle and the best way to go about getting the most out of the square footage. Then, contact Guy Solomon, explain your wants and needs, and he will help you handle the rest.

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