Maneuvering Lines With Devices For Rigging

While climbing or performing other jobs that involve lifting and moving items from one location to another, you might find that rigging devices are a benefit. There are several components to keep in mind when it comes to the devices. If you don’t have all of the components in place and working properly, then there are safety risks that might need to be addressed.

Shackles and pulleys are important aspects as they are needed for moving the items you are lifting. The line will run through the pulley, and the shackle will be placed around the line as well. As you pull on the line, it will be run through the pulley, either lifting or lowering the item you are using. The shackles will help in keeping the line in place. There are also clips and links for connecting small items together or placing them on a belt or harness.

Eye bolts can be used to secure items in the ground. When you want to protect the line from raveling or getting damaged from rain, then consider sleeves that can be placed around the line. These are easy to apply and will maintain the condition of the rope while you are using it on the job. Wire rope is often a better selection as it’s very sturdy. It usually doesn’t unravel, and it can usually hold more weight than a typical rope that is made of other materials. It’s best to wear gloves when working with wire rope or other kinds of rope so that you don’t hurt your hands. There are thimbles that you can thread wire rope through so that it’s easier to work with. When using any kind of devices for rigging, you need to make sure they are secured properly and that you use them in the right way for the safety of yourself and others on the job.

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