Mom Finally Moved in with My Sister

We have been working for a little while to get my mother to move in with one of us. We have finally started to move her things into my sister’s house. She had an extra room and we went to find one of those adjustable beds so that Mom could watch TV comfortably in her room. It was a real ordeal, like most people she really wants to be independent. She still goes out in her old Chevy to run errands and if you tried to take her keys away from her, that would be a real fight. We eventually made the argument that she would have a good deal of money if she went along with this, rather than paying out money to take care of the house.

Of course she is not getting any younger, just like the rest of us and there is no real point to her living alone in a house that is big enough for a family of six. The place needs a lot of maintenance obviously and that costs money. On the other hand the place is extremely valuable, but mostly for the land. When we were kids the place was out in the country and there were more cows than people in the area. The road was hardly wide enough for two cars to pass without one of them running onto the shoulder. Now the whole area has become built up and the area around the house is covered with commercial properties. The house sits on around three and a half acres of land on a corner. You could do all sorts of things with it if you were a real estate developer. In fact we could sell the land for a huge amount of money and move the house to a new place.

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