Plumbing Woes: Understanding Basic Piping in Your Home

Indoor plumbing is a wonder of the modern world, but it’s not without its frustrations. When the plumbing breaks down, a messy situation can occur. It’s time to explore the basics of plumbing in your household. Regular maintenance makes these pipes function like clockwork.

Under-Slab Installations

If your home rests on a concrete slab, pipes will typically stretch under this installation. Although pipes are strong for decades of use, they can break down over time. It’s not uncommon for a pipe leak to occur under the slab. Professionals must break through part of the concrete in order to reach the pipe. In ideal cases, the pipe break is isolated to one area. Swap out the bad section for decades of reliable plumbing.

Septic-Tank Care

Your plumbing may not flow directly into municipal sewage lines. Wastewater actually flows into a septic tank. These installations are common in rural areas, and they’re extremely reliable. They do require maintenance on a regular basis, however. Dealing with a septic tank on your own isn’t the best answer. Discussing services with a Central Florida septic company is a good option for most homeowners. Cleaning out the tank and verifying its structural integrity will keep it working without issues for years.

Keeping the Pipes Clear

Avoid most plumbing woes by keeping your pipes clear of obstructions. Place strainers on your drains so that they can capture hair and other particles. The smallest items can create clogs that build up over time. Don’t forget to pour your oils, grease and fats into the trash. Liquid grease may not seem like an issue, but it will congeal in the pipe. These clogs can harden and create problems over the years.

Hiring a professional is usually the best course of action when it comes to plumbing problems. They’ll have the tools and experience to ascertain almost any situation. In fact, contract with a trusted professional in your area. When an emergency does arise, you’ll be able to handle it with a quick call to these familiar faces.

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