Put Away Poisons & Toss Away Traps

When it comes to houseguests, no one is worse than a rodent. Rats invade homes and commercial properties in search of warmth and resources but they aren’t keen to leave. While these pests are hunkering down indoors, they are spreading bacteria, leaving droppings behind and causing damage to your property. With so many negative moving parts, it is no wonder that homeowners want these intruders gone as quickly as possible. It might be instinct to run out, collecting snap traps and poisons, but before you invest in these dangerous items, there are some things to consider:

Rats are sneaky. Just because you think that you’ve cleared away entire populations, doesn’t mean that there are more lurking behind the scenes. Choosing ineffective treatment methods can mean shelling out time and money, only to have a prolonged infestation. Instead of guessing at the most effective way to banish these pests from your space, call a pest control company in Saskatoon to get the best results in the best timeframe.

Avoid Ineffective Treatment Methods

In the past, rodents, such as mice and rats have dealt primarily with using physical traps or poisons. Just because these are traditional methods does not mean that they are an effective way of dealing with your problem. Snap traps, for example, might take out one pest but what they leave behind is much worse. If left unchecked, the bodies of expired rodents produce even worse bacteria and an awful smell!

Where poison is concerned, there is no guarantee of where these pests will end up. There is no agreement that once rats begin to feel ill, they will take themselves outdoors. In fact, it is more likely that these intruders will make their way behind walls or under flooring, where they are notoriously difficult to remove. This means that property owners are left to deal with the aftermath of cutting into walls or damaging flooring. Instead of tracking down expired pests, consider speaking to an expert for alternative treatment methods that work.

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