Signs You Have an Electrical Wiring Problem

Beware Of Danger

With DIY projects ever on the rise, you may feel compelled to give electric work a try when you start to notice signs that your wiring may no longer be up to par. However, this is a dangerous procedure and should never be done by those who aren’t trained. Not only can it seriously harm you–lethally, in fact–but it can also cause damage to the devices that are plugged into the electricity. If hurting yourself isn’t reason enough to leave well enough alone, then consider the TV, microwave, video game consoles, and other electronics that may accidentally fry through your tampering. You should always hire Jacksonville electrical contractors when you suspect that you have an electrical problem. For those who aren’t sure if the problems they’re experiencing are electrical or not, here are a few signs that you may have electrical wiring problems.

Flickering Lights

Halloween may be approaching, but flickering lights shouldn’t be appearing in your home just because of the holiday. No, it’s likely not paranormal activity either. If your lights are flickering, you should first check the actual bulb. Sometimes the light bulb isn’t screwed in correctly, and so the contact is a little spotty. It may also just be a faulty bulb. If, after this inspection is complete, your lights are still flickering, then you may be faced with a wiring problem. In that event, it’s time to call the electrician, so they can figure out the cause of the problem.

Incorrect Circuit Breaker

Sometimes when homeowners first enter a home or are renovating a home, they decide to have a circuit breaker installed that provides greater power than they need. While this may seem like a great idea, it’s actually not. Overloads are more likely to occur. The circuit breaker can also become overheated and this can actually cause a fire. If you suspect that you have an incorrect circuit breaker installed, call an electrician to help.

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