The Benefits of Bin Rentals

There are plenty of reasons to perform a full cleaning out on a property. You might be closing up shop, cleaning out an estate or undergoing a thorough spring cleaning, but in either case, it is a tough job! It is bad enough to sort and collect unwanted items but hauling them away makes the process so much worse. Instead of wasting time, resources and money, more and more Canadians are choosing bin rentals. Local companies carry receptacles to your neighbourhood and drop them right at your front door. When you are finished loading, one phone call sees these bins – and your junk – carried away.

More Than Making Due

Every big project comes with unforeseen issues and in the case of property cleanings, these are most often in the form of labour and costs. It seems simple enough to load up a vehicle with junk and haul it off to the dump. This process, however, comes with its own consequences.

Transport: Not everyone owns a vehicle, so moving unwanted items from place to place can feel impossible. Even if able to borrow or rent a vehicle, there are costs that add up in the form of gas and potential damage to interiors. Junk is usually dirty, sharp and some, such as paint cans, can leave lasting stains. Even a slight slip can result in the loss of a damage deposit or costly repairs.

Costs: A trip to the dump is not free. Not counting potential vehicle rentals and gas prices, there is a cost that comes with dumping junk. Most facilities charge based on weight, so heavier items can mean big bucks. Choosing a bin rental establishes a set cost that fits your budget and won’t come along with surprises.

Recycling: Many items can be donated to charities or can be recycled for usable parts. Choosing a professional rental agency ensures that you are minimizing the amount of waste produced, all while giving back to your community.

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