Tips for selecting the perfect shelves

A trip to Pinterest will show you that shelves are no longer about wood nailed vertically on horizontal planks so we can have somewhere to store our items. They now serve the dual purpose of functionality and aesthetics. The nature of shelves makes perfectly acceptable in every space imaginable and still look meticulously factored into the décor. They are no longer bulk and a nuisance; they in some cases are the centerpieces of a room.

If you’re looking to bring that extra factor and still gain utility in a space, consider the following tips.

What is it for?

A book housing books and souvenirs will have a different construction from one that needs to house a TV, a music system and a gaming device. Therefore, the materials for the shelves and how much these materials can withstand and where they go also matter. While at wooden home shelves made from pine or oak would work, for a garage the go to the material would be aluminum. It also ought to be thick and sturdy enough for the weight placed on it. Putting remaining SIDING material and a generator would not cause anxiety.

 The shape

For homes use, you can get nearly any shaped shelf you can think of. You can get the traditional variety or honeycomb shapes, abstract shapes or even the average square or rectangle places in odd angles. In such cases, personal preference is what governs what you choose. Also though custom appears the route to take, consider checking out what stores have. Manufacturers are now making contemporary pieces to appeal to evolving tastes.


Before clicking order or paying for a shelf at checkout, make sure you have the size right. Most things require assembling in the home nowadays. It would, therefore, be a pity to find that the wall you picked to build the self on is too wide or narrow. Pull out a tape and measure accurate dimensions before making an order. You also have this time to choose what you want. Do you want a floor-to-ceiling shelve? Would a floating self-work better? Alternatively, you can opt for adjustable shelving if unsure.

Other preference

Materials and color are also aspects of those wanting a new shelf to have to consider. Primarily, the décor ought to dictate these aspects. If you are looking for rustic, the weathered wood planks are an alternative. Again, here there is no textbook or manual for choosing the wood or color. Let your preference and a keen eye guide you.

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