Why You Should Aerate Your Backyard Pond

A backyard pond gives you a designated place to relax and fish. If you found your dream property, but it does not have a pond, then you can add one. You should call in the professionals like Lake Management services for the planning and supplies. Read on to find out why you should aerate your backyard pond.

Increases Oxygen

Aeration is one of the best things to do for a pond. It increases the oxygen and improves circulation. An adequate oxygen supply benefits your fish population. If you do not have enough oxygen, then it can kill your fish stock.

Increase Plant and Animal Life

Aeration helps your animals and plants to thrive. The plants on the bottom of your pond need oxygen. They need an adequate amount of oxygen to become healthy. It is important for the plants to thrive and multiply. These plants serve as a food source for your fish.

Create Balance of Temperature

Stratification is a common problem, but problematic for a pond. It causes your pond to separate into different layers of temperatures. This environment is not good for the environmental managers and natural resources.

An aeration system can circulate your water throughout the pond. It will get rid of the layers of different temperatures.

Improve Water Quality

When a pond has inadequate oxygen, it cause problems for the plant life on the bottom. These plants tend to release different metals and gases that create water quality problems. An aeration system circulates the oxygen all the way down to the bottom sediments. You can enhance the water quality by removing carbon dioxide, alkalinity and stabilizing the pH.

Aeration is carried out in a variety of ways. The different ways include mechanically agitating, injecting pure oxygen, injecting air or mixing water. A fountain in the middle of the lake is a common way to install your aeration system.

It helps to determine your budget and what features to include. A pond also adds value to your property. It also allows you to use the pond for entertainment like swimming and fishing.

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